Off Piste Snow & Weather: 7 – 13 Dec Savoie / N...

A snowy week ahead! Off-piste snow report: 7 – 13 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps We are due for fresh snow in the week ahead, which we need. Indeed, our friends at WeatherToSki are predicting the following (text in italics quoted directly from their website): The greatest accumulations, at least in the first instance, are likely to be in the northern French Alps, roughly from Alpe d’Huez northwards through the Tarentaise (e.g. 3 Valleys, La Plagne, Les Arcs... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather Report 30 Nov to 6 Dec
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 30 Nov – 6 Dec Savoie...

A cold and snowy start to the new season! Off-piste snow report: 30 Nov – 6 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps A chilly start to the 2017/18 season, and more snow than this time last year! Val d’Isere, Tignes and some other resorts opened last weekend, luckily, we’d received enough snow for quite a few ski runs to be prepared. Since then, we’ve also had a couple of small top ups of fresh snow (3 to 10 cm), with more […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather: 23 - 29 March
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 23 – 29 March Savoie ...

Variable off piste conditions for the week ahead, with fresh snow for some! Off-piste snow report: 23 – 29 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps Following a week of spring off piste snow conditions, it looks as if we’re due for a mixed bag of weather in the week ahead, with possible significant amounts of snowfall in areas near the French/Italian border, such as Val d’Isere, Bonneval and Val Cenis. In the last week or so, the snowpack has been melting... Read More

Snowy March 6th Val d'Isere
High avalanche risk Tuesday 7th March – practical ti...

Risk of avalanche is high or very high on Tuesday There have been two avalanche accidents in Italy in the past 3 days.  See reports here and here.  Meteo France have just issued the bulletin click here and warning for Tuesday 7th March.  The danger rating is forecast to be level 4.         Judging by the continuing snowfall and wind in the resort this evening, the resort could choose to increase the rating to level 5.  they will decide […]... Read More

Crazy snowy March ahead. Has winter shifted to March?

Off piste snow and weather outlook Apologies for the shortage of weather forecasts in the past month, this was because the patterns were very unpredictable and I was not certain of any predictions.  Without a reliable promise of snow, I felt it better to stay quiet. But that has changed, it started snowing last week and the snow intensified over the weekend.  This morning it is still snowing heavily.  This snowfall started at 1600 Sunday and looks set to continue until Tue... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather: 2 - 8 March
Off Piste Snow and Weather: 2 – 8 March

A snowy week ahead! Watch out for steep North-ish facing slopes. That’s where most avalanche instability will be. Some great conditions though! Off-piste snow report for 2 – 8 March Winter is back with plenty of fresh snow, and still more to come! Over the last few days we’ve been experiencing some of the best powder skiing of the season. The quality of the fresh snow is better above 2000 m, where it is lighter and drier. Deep cold powder! At lower altitud... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather Report 16 - 22 February
Off Piste Snow and Weather 16 – 22 February

Sunny days and settled weather ahead. After the shock of the Tignes avalanche accident, the off-piste snow stability will improve.  But there are still places where we need to be careful. There is a weakness in the snowpack that has been present since the start of the season.  See ANENA warning.  The weather will encourage you to go out and explore.  Read the bulletins to find out where the risks exist each day Off-piste snow report for 16 to 22 February With current ... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 9 February
Off piste snow report and weather – 9 February

Nice off-piste conditions but caution required with a considerable avalanche risk. In this off piste snow report, snow depths are much improved. Drier weather and better visibility are on their way. Off-piste snow report 9 February It’s been an incredible week for off-piste enthusiasts with so much light deep fresh snow! Flat light conditions should improve over the next few days as the cloud cover gradually thins out. Snow depths are much improved in all resorts of ... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 26 January
Off piste snow report and weather – 26 January

A chance of small top-ups of fresh snow! A few windy days ahead, maybe bringing small amounts of snow with them.  Look at our weather forecast for a longer term outlook and possible snow after 3rd February Off-piste snow report – 26 January to 1 February Off-piste skiing is always an adventure. Venture out – you may just get an unexpected bonus! On the Pissaillas glacier this week, we were unexpectedly greeted by 10 cm of fresh snow. We also found pockets of... Read More

Snow above Val d'Isere 21st Nov 2150m
Off piste weather forecast and snow report

F..F..F..F..Foehn,  Off-piste weather and snow report 23rd to 26th November You may have heard about all that snow that fell in early November.  Well, I am afraid the F..F..Foehn has taken its toll on that snow (apart from above 3000m).  You can see the difference in these two images.  One was from last Friday 18th November and the other is on 23rd November. In our last snow report, we highlighted that we were expecting light snow above 2300m and a lot more snow [&hellip... Read More