Snow Is Here - Better late than never!

It started snowing later than the forecast (and less snow than forecast too which is always frustrating). But some snow-showers started earlier today in the Espace Killy.
Despite the disappointing lack of snow compared to what was forecast a couple days ago, the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is again pretty optimistic for the Northern French Alps: forecasting 10-15 cm of snow above 2500 m for tomorrow (snow/rain limit is forecast to go down to 1700 m tonight).
So I'm still hoping we will get a good little bit of snow tonight and maybe some more off and on through Friday. If the forecast is correct, that is what will happen and we'll get some great skiing off piste!
The snowpack is relatively stable above 2500 m where it has had a chance to solidfy with the lower temps, but watch out for the odd windslab and the predicatble reheating on various slopes especially below 2500 m as the day goes on (a lot of spontaneaous natural avalanches have been observed over the last day or so in much of the N. Fench Alps due to the warmer temps, rain and insulating effect of the new snow). For off-piste skiing and snow stability updates see the avalanche forecast bulletins below and my blog updates that will be more frequent again as the conditions change!

Haute Savoie


Have Fun, Be Safe!