Off-piste safety & risk-management with town of Val d...

Photo of the team yesterday working with the town of Val d’Isère during a safety and logistics awareness seminar for chalet companies & tour operators. My presentation was on off-piste safety & risk-management. The goal is to increase efficient interaction between the town of Val d’Isère and guests coming from outside of France. A commitment to client safety and wellbeing is a key point in ensuring a successful service from the town and an enjoyable exp... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 22 December
Off piste snow report and weather 22 December

Plenty of Alpine Sunshine over the Festive Season! Off-piste snow report 22 December After a stormy couple of days near the French/Italian border, things are quickly settling down again. Most of the recent snow fell in the SW Alps, particularly in the Italian Piedmont (e.g. Sestriere). A few lucky high-altitude French resorts near the border, like Val d’Isere and Tignes, benefited from some fresh snow. This snowfall was accompanied by strong Foehn winds though ... Read More

Off-Piste Snow & Weather Report 15 Dec 16
Off piste snow report and weather – 15 Dec

Another week of sunny, mild Alpine weather In this off piste snow report, with no fresh snowfall since November, decent off-piste conditions are becoming very tricky to find, although not impossible if you’re prepared to walk and really know where to look. Anything remotely near a ski-lift is now tracked out. Off-piste snow report 15 Dec The best snow coverage is on N’ish facing slopes above 2300 m, where you can find snow-depths of anything between 65 and 140 c... Read More

Ski touring wayne watson
Off piste snow report and weather forecast

Wall to wall sunshine will continue in the Alps! High-altitude resorts faring best   Snow coverage and quality is definitely best above 2300 m. If you know where to look, and are prepared to walk for it, there are some stunning off-piste conditions still to be found up high. However, it’s one of those times when, unless you really know what you’re doing, it may be well worth considering hiring a mountain guide with local knowledge on where to find the best ... Read More

Piste Genepy Tignes 6th December 2016
Live video snow report 6th December 2016

HAT snow report live from the slopes this morning. It is great on piste above 2100m. The easy access off piste is tracked out.  But everywhere there is fantastic snow high up especially above 2500m.  You need to walk or climb to find it. If you do then be wary that you know the way out. Some exit routes are difficult and dangerous.  See photo below of the exit from the Tour de Charvet as published by @guidesespacekilly on Twitter     […]... Read More