Off Piste Snow & Weather: 6 - 12 April Savoie / N. French Alps
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 6 – 12 April Savoie /...

Mild weather and Spring Skiing! Off-piste snow report: 6 – 12 April for Savoie & Northern French Alps   For most resorts of Savoie and the N French Alps, off-piste snow depths are poor for this time of season. The best snow can be be found in high-altitude resorts, with Val d’Isere and Tignes, near the Italian border, doing much better than most. It’s amazing how quickly any recent snow has settled down and humidified on sunny E to S to W facing s... Read More

Off-Piste Snow & Weather - 30 March - 6 April
Off Piste Snow & Weather : 30 March – 5 April, ...

Lovely spring-snow skiing conditions. Possible fresh snow at the weekend, then back to spring next week! Off-piste snow report: 30 March – 5 April, Savoie & Northern French Alps Lucky Val d’Isère and Tignes (close to the French/Italian border) benefited from a ‘Retour d’Est’ last week. This brought plenty of fresh snow across from the east/south-east, a privilege sadly not extended to many other resorts in Savoie and the N French Alps. I... Read More

Spring skiing off-piste
Spring skiing tips, Ski the Smooth

Spring snow conditions are here now! Here are some ideas about how to have fun and be safe on spring snow! Understand ‘melt-freeze cycles’ and have fun with spring snow!   Off-piste spring snow is one of the best things that the Northern French Alps has to offer. With lift access to all slope orientations: east, south, west and then north, you can find it and have fun with little effort. Melt-freeze Cycles Once new snow melts in the sun/heat during the […]... Read More

Shred Safe makes The Essentials talk free for one week
Shred Safe makes The Essentials talk free for one week

  Mountain safety is no joke. Shred Safe aims to maximize your fun and minimize your risks by offering free avalanche training and mountain safety courses. Shred Safe have worked with HAT so you can watch Ride Hard Ride Safe – The Essentials online for FREE.  You must sign up on this page before April 1st Ride Hard ! Ride Safe – The Essentials introduces you to the principles of how to stay safe and find the best snow when you go […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather: 23 - 29 March
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 23 – 29 March Savoie ...

Variable off piste conditions for the week ahead, with fresh snow for some! Off-piste snow report: 23 – 29 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps Following a week of spring off piste snow conditions, it looks as if we’re due for a mixed bag of weather in the week ahead, with possible significant amounts of snowfall in areas near the French/Italian border, such as Val d’Isere, Bonneval and Val Cenis. In the last week or so, the snowpack has been melting... Read More