Less Snow than Forecast, but a Good Time!

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Great skiing above 2500 m and since it didn't snow all that much it helped to be North (or skiing on piste!) to avoid the crust underfoot. But there was some great off piste skiing 

The snowpack was pretty much rotten below 2500 m on all aspects due to the warm temps, rain and insulating effects of the new snow.

Forecast is for a better freeze tonight (I'm going high and North to start and maybe some spring as the morning goes on), sunny weather tomorrow and for Saturday more clouds/sun/snow/rain you take your pick. For more info on off piste skiing in the Espace Killy see Wayne's Diary 

For off-piste skiing and snow stability updates see the avalanche forecast bulletins below and my blog updates that will be more frequent again as the conditions change!

Haute Savoie


Have Fun, Be Safe!

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off piste skiing in le Fornet, Val d'Isère today (skier Gabby Pinn)