Les Arc Top Grand Col - evidence of weak layers - surface hoar and depth hoar

Hi i realise currently with the weather, avalanche risk is pretty low but this maybe of interest. I kite surf and so also trying kite snow boarding. I have done a
few mountaineering courses in Scotland ( Mountain Craft and Outward bound )and Ice Climbing courses and have dug avalanche pits. I am no expert by any means but have some basics but today ( 23rd Jan 2011 approx 13:00 hrs i was at the Grand Col Les Arc just a little bit further up off piste from the chair lift). Wind was very light so in the end i did not set up the kite and also noticed approx 10cm of snow ontop of a frozen Granular Snow, not sure the French name sorry. ( i could stick my fist into the snow so very weak layer ) and the top layer was breaking off like a typical slab avalanche so in the end i came onto the piste. Ok just for your interest but i think the snow in some parts is still not good but maybe it has stayed stable at the moment due to such low temp at the moment. But as i say im no expert this is just what i have noticed.