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Awareness, Off-piste Conditions & extended weather forecast: thoughts in a Radio-TV Val d'Isere interview

Radio Val Interview 23 Feb


Interview from 23 Feb

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Cloudy, light snow today in Espace Killy


5-7 cm of new snow approx so far today (an from last night) in Espace Killy at 2000 m. Some nice snow in areas protected from the E / SE winds, but the bad vis makes it a challenge.

Feels more like an avalanche rating of 2 than a the 3 that is posted.., but that may change with the light snow and wind forecast tonight and tomorrow (Eastrly Foehn winds picked up at mid-day and seem to be picking up more as I write this post)

off piste skiing Henry's Avalanche Talk

Wayne's Day in Images - it's an art..

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The best summary of the day is again in photos by Wayne. With limited options and partly cloudy skies, he's still your best bet on finding good snow -  a few short walks with touring gear, and he's turned it into a great day in the Espace Killy.

See for yourself - it's an art!

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