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Valais, Switzerland: Grand-St-Bernard Avalanche 26/3/2011- 4 Killed, 5 injured

A party of 11 were caught in an avalanche near to Bourg-St-Pierre, 4 died, 5 were injured, 1 is still missing and 1 member of the group escaped unhurt.

The group was made up of 11 adults, all from Cluses, France and believed to be part of the Club Alpin Francais (CAF). 9 were on snow shoes and 2 on touring skis.

Following the avalanche a member of the group made an emergency call for help at 12:36hrs. The group was on the west slope of the Croix de Tsousse at about 2000m and the avalanche terrain measured 40m wide and 300m long. The avalanche risk was 3/5 above 2400m.

8 Avalanches that injured or killed people today (20 March) in Savoie, France..

 .. and at least one deadly avalanche in Haute Savoie.

Here is the link to the Dauphiné Liberé site that gives the info in French click here

Translation of this list of accidents will be forthcoming (anyone who wants to translate and/or comment feel free!) this is a big input of info!

A number of avalanche accidents in Val d'Isère today (update 1)

 Shortly before noon, an avalanche was reported near the Borsat on the Bellevarde area of Val d'Isère. no one was buried. 

An (eventful) day in the life of Piste Patrol

Update from Lou Politini from the Piste Patrol in Val Frejus

Just thought you might be interested in a very eventful 24 hours over here in Valfréjus. Not sure if you were subject to the same conditions over there in Val d’Isére but we got nicely covered by the flow over from the italian side yesterday and into last night. 20 to 30 cm fell on our peaks which is nothing spectaclular, but rather the wind that came with it. Whoa!

Avalanche in Le Fornet

There was an avalanche in Le Fornet yesterday afternoon involving two seasonaires. 

One was taken to Chambery hospital with suspected broken vertebrae and a pneumothorax.  For more information read the article from Radio Val.


off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk

Accidental Trigger Under Couloir des Pisteurs, Val d'Isère

While I was teaching a HAT Advanced On-snow Course this afternoon (March 4), we observed this slab being triggered...

Or rather, my back was to the slope in question as I was lecturing the group on how important it is to look around for clues like recent avalanche activity. So it was people in the group who observed this accidental Avalanche.

Accidental Trigger Under Couloir des Pisteur, Val d'Isère
Close up: Accidental Trigger Under Couloir des Pisteur, Val d'Isère

Avalanche Fatality in Crans-Montana

A man died in hospital after being taken by and rescued alive from an avalanche in Faverges, part of the Crans Montana area on Tuesday afternoon. Out of respect for his family and friends, please do not comment if you know who it was as the next of kin are still being contacted and his name has not been officially released.

The avalanche released at 3000m and was 50m wide and 700m long.

I'll post some more specifics on this avalanche when I have them so we can get a better picture of the instability that's out there.


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off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk

Triggering and caught on a danger rating of 1 on Feb 1st in Tignes

This just goes to show that even on a danger rating of 1 you need to watch out and keep thinking!

See this person triggering and riding in an avalanche this past Tuesday in Tignes on this link:


Note they were going one at a time and watching each other very closely - this may have prevented a worse injury to someone in the group!


Tragic Accidents in Val d'Isère This Season - January 11 & two others

Since all the victims in this avalanche accident (and the two others this season) spent lots of time in Val d’Isère, it has shaken up a lot of people in the community.

I’ve come across a wide variety of individuals who are affected by the tragedy: the manager of a hotel who was friends with one victim and is close friends with his uncle, the bar owner who is/was good friends with another victim... Indeed many people who didn’t know any of the victims are shocked too - over the last few days.

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Vallonets accident, January , Val d'Isere

Here are some terrible but true facts about the accident in the Vallonets area of Val d'Isere.  4 people are reported dead. The four people were recovered from the avalanche debris in a state of cardiac arrest and, despite the best efforts of the piste patrol, could not be resucitated.

See report here in French http://www.radiovaldisere.com/avalines.php

Here is a translation of the Radio Val report

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