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Avalanche Accident in Val d'Isere Today

There was an accident in Val d'Isère today. At the moment we don't have many of the facts. However, it seems to have happened on a North facing slope in the classic off-piste itinerary called the Grand Vallon around mid-day at around 2600 m of altitude. 

Avalanche Accident in Tignes Today

Two off piste skiers triggered an avalanche in the Tovière sector of Tignes..

..a little before midday in the Pâquerette area (for the full story click on the title heading above "Avalanche Accident in Tignes Today")

The latest on the sad event on Manaslu by Trey Cook

Our hearts go out to you guys. Click on this link to see his article

Accident: Face du Charvet E Face, 11:45 Val d'Isère April 1

Part of a group of skiers was taken in an avalanche on the Face du Charvet in Val d'Isère close to mid-day today April 1. One person was taken over a cliff and badly injured (flown in helicpter to the hospital)

The Face du Charvet is an East facing slope that starts at about 2600 m - the base is about 2000 m. I was just finishing my morning on spring snow at about 12:15 on a West face in the Marmottes area when I saw the rescue taking place.

off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
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Reports of an Accidental Avalanche on Solaise, Val d'Isère Today, March 31

There have been reports of an avalanche accident on Solaise, Val d'Isère Today, March 31. It sounds like it was up around the 3000 téléski..

I will update as I receive any official information and/or images - please add any comments that you may have or send us images and we'll post them.

March 31 up on the Crête des Leissières from Yvon Foessel http://yvonski.com/Hom
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