HIGH AVALANCHE RATING remains in all of Savoie & most of Isère above 2300m for tomorrow

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It has been a real return to winter over the last week or ten days (see photos here of today). However, starting tomorrow, sunny spring weather will return at least until Saturday.

The avalanche danger rating is up to 4 'HIGH' for tomorrow in all of Savoie & most of Isère above 2300 m. See avalanche bulletins below for: 

Great powder skiing in the snowfalls today
Looks like winter but this is April 24 at 1850 m la Daille, Val d'Isère!

HIGH AVALANCHE RISK (in most of Savoie & Isère above 2500 m) & Accidental Avalanches in Espace Killy Today


It's starting to get unstable, especially on North facing slopes, and it's snowing again (20 cm for tomorrow). 

For a summary of one of the avalanches triggered, see Wayne's Blog post from today 'It's not over 'till it's over' click here (the Sachette where this occured is at approx 2600 m; North Facing; and there was another accidental trigger in the same area by ski tourers that I think was also without consequence - just a serious wake-up call.

Powder on the Piste April 22nd

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Nice Turns on and the piste this morning in Val d'Isère and Tignes. For more photos featuring Dave's intro to off-piste skiing click this link

Ride Hard ! Ride Safe


It just keeps on snowing..


.. and it's supposed to keep going on and off at least until Wednesday in most of the N. French Alps (most of the time down to 1500 m)..

It's still snowing hard in Val d'Isère


Still snowing hard in Val d'Isère. We could easily get more than 40 cm of fresh snow for tomorrow morning. 

Avalanche rating is at 3 for just about all of the N French Alps for tomorrow.

from my flat at 1850 m a few mins ago

Off Piste with Andy VIP

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The weather cleared more than forecast this morning and we found some powder in Tignes with Andy VIP! More images of Tignes this morning - click here 

The forecast is for more snow - on and off - through Saturday. And it's snowing pretty hard right now at 1850 in Val d'Isère right now.

Ride Hard ! Ride Safe


Off piste skiing in Tignes this morning

Off Piste Skiing with Henry & SkiClinics

A quick vid that shows what the off-piste skiing was like the past few days with me & SkiClinics


in Val d'Isère

Ride Hard ! Ride Safe


Henry Bio

Summary Bio: 

Ridin' with Noble & the Tignes Spirit Gang

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I was riding with Sam Noble of Noble Custom, Kieran Hicks of Tignes Spirit and his gang from Tignes. Not often I get to rip it up with snowboards, and this was a good day for it. Blue skies and more fresh snow off-piste again in Fornet, Val d'Isère. In addition to images attached more on this link click here

Sam with the off piste icicle beard!
Will givin' it the pow wow!

Father and Son in the Pow

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Oliver deep

Video of Oli (son) & Richard (Dad) skiing off-piste in the powder in Val d'Isère!

Filmed and edited by Dan Egan of

We've got a lot of snow around the Italian border areas Savoie (not far off a metre now in the last 10 days). For example the Fornet in Val d'Isère where I'm going tomorrow.

Avalanche danger rating in all of Savoie is a 3.

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