Henry talking about HAT

 Henry talks about what HAT is doing and why we have the website

Managing Uncertainty


A thought-provoking account from skier/guide, Donny Roth, on the importance of good preparation, back-up plans and clear judgement in the mountain environment  - click here

Ortovox Team Rider Skiing in Morocco


ORTOVOX rider Melissa Presslaber's most recent movie trailer featuring some cool off-piste turns in Morocco!


See video

Arc'teryx skiers do first decent on SE Face of La Grivola, Italy


Arc'teryx Remy Leccluse and Boris Dufour do the first ski decent of SE face of La Grivola 3969 m. Gran Paridiso, Italy. For more see the story on the Arc'teryx blog

Well done guys!





BBC Interviews Off-piste Skier & Criminal Cases Review Commission Chairman, Richard Foster

I had the pleasure of hearing an interview with keen off-piste skier Richard Foster on BBC 4 this morning. Richard is also the Chairman of the Criminal Cases Review Commision in the UK.
Richard and the CCRC help to ensure that miscarriages of justice are overturned and justice is served in the legal system. It's not as simple as it sounds, as you can hear in this interview.
Safety is Freedom Henry's Avalanche Talk

ANENA needs YOU! French Association for Snow & Avalanche Study needs help on study of off-piste skiers & borders


The ANENA  is doing a study on modern day off-piste skiing and snowboarding. They are looking for people between 10 and 30 to interview. People are asked a series of general questions on riding off-piste.

The research is for a thesis conducted by Mathilde who currently works at the ANENA and is doing a graduate degree.

Still nice snow in N. French Alps if you're happy walking

There's still nice snow for skiing and snoboarding in the Northern French Alps if you're happy walking like Kieran (owner of Tignes Spirit) and Co. here below on their way to the Refuge de Prariond.
Reports are that they had some great skiing/boarding yesterday and today.
Kieran (owner of Tignes Spirit) and Co. here on their way to the refuge de prari

Avalanche Confirms Exit Strategy

| Image 1 of 4 |
The quicker route under the rocks before Andreas changed direction (two members of the group next to old debris - click on photo below for an enlarged image)


After one night in the Refuge de Fond des Fours near Val d'Isère, France, we decided to exit from our planned "Intro Hut Tour" yesterday due to very difficult off-piste skiing conditions, avalanche danger (both factors due to unseasonably high nighttime temperatures that resulted in little to no re-freeze of the snowpack) and a rainy weather forecast for this morning along with galeforce winds.

While the skiing conditions produced more than
The quicker route under the rocks before changing direction with two members of
The muddy detour
Then the natural avalanche occured where we would have been traversing - photo t

Intro Hut Tour Day 1 Warmup

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Good start to our intro Hut Tour today in better conditions than anticipated. We did a little bit of walking and a lot of skiing and found some good 'spring powder' up high in Fornet that was firm, but more than just skiable.

The snowpack seems like it is settling more and the weather is looking better for the next three days that we will be out on the mountain aside from the fact it is supposed to get v warm during the days..., but it is almost May afterall.  

Full report after we get back on Sunday

Sarah gets off-piste skier of the day - relaxed but aggressive!
.. and the snow was firm 'spring powder' but very nice

Avalanche Danger Rating Down to 3 in Savoie and Haute Savoie

The avalanche danger rating is at 3 tomorrow above 2300 m (rating of 2 below that) in Savoie. Haute Savoie has similar ratings and Isère has kept their ratings at 4 as the day goes on (3 earlier in the day in most areas).

Warnings of the most acute instability is on North facing slopes which is consistent with the various reports of accidental avalanches in these departments that make up the Northern French Alps. However, all slopes will be suspect as the day goes on and the unseasonably warm temps hit the snowpack.

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