Avalanche Danger Rating Down to 3 in Savoie and Haute Savoie

The avalanche danger rating is at 3 tomorrow above 2300 m (rating of 2 below that) in Savoie. Haute Savoie has similar ratings and Isère has kept their ratings at 4 as the day goes on (3 earlier in the day in most areas).

Warnings of the most acute instability is on North facing slopes which is consistent with the various reports of accidental avalanches in these departments that make up the Northern French Alps. However, all slopes will be suspect as the day goes on and the unseasonably warm temps hit the snowpack.

The snowpack will be stabilising over the next few days and an increase in instabliity is unlikely before it snows again.

For definitions of the ratings see the 'HAT Club'/ 'Avalanche Forecast/Bulletins on the drop down menu above left. See avalanche bulletins below for: 

Haute Savoie



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