What should I do if I'm caught in an avalanche?!


Despite the fact that Henry's Avalanche Talk is mostly about prevention  ("having fun and being safe" means avoiding getting caught!), the most popular question that we are asked is, "What should I do if I'm caught in an Avalanche?".  I've heard theories about swimming fighting even rolling. Here is an excellent article entitled "Not swimming but drowning" that I found on www.pistehors.com about what you should do if you make a mistake and are caught in an avalanche.

Two key pieces of information in this article are:
  • take your pole straps off while off-piste skiing
  • make an air pocket in front of your face to form a breathing space.

Avalanche Transceiver training UK

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Henry briefing a group in Wimbledon Common

HAT is now running beeper training events in UK 

We would argue that it is a bit impolite to ski off-piste with friends, carry all the safety equipment, but have no training in how to use it.

If you are wearing a transceiver, then that is a good start. If you are caught, your friends will be able to find you which is great. But you should be able to return the favour if they suffer an accident.

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