Off Piste Snow Report : 28th February - 4th March, 2015

Great skiing above Tignes this past week - Wayne Watson photo

Extended Weather Forecast (as reported by Météo-France Savoie) for Savoie and the N French Alps

A snowy next week coming up!

Saturday 28th: A sunny morning and cloudy spells in the afternoon. Light to moderate winds. Snowfall down to 1500 m after midnight.

Weak layers under this new snow and video of snow from Feb 20th

Kate skiing in some granular like powder on Friday Feb 20th

This new snow is, and will be, coming down on an unstable snowpack this week on North'ish (W to N to E) sides of the mountain in most of the Alps above 2300 m. 
South'ish facing slopes have a much more stable snowpack underneath the current and future fresh snow (until they are hit and warmed by the sun). Click on title above for the full write-up if you don't see it below!

See video

Couple of spaces available in our off-piste/avalanche awareness courses, 3rd & 10th March!

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Slides in the steep

You love going off piste, but do you really know if it's safe out there?

Henry's one day off-piste courses are all about increasing your mountain awareness, learning how to manage the risk and having fun in the best snow we can find!

This one day course in the Espace Killy concentrates on getting through all the crucial safety/risk management points you need to consider when going off-piste.

Off Piste Snow Report : 21st - 25th February, 2015

Off piste in Val - photo by Wayne Watson, Alpine Experience


Extended Weather Forecast (as reported by Météo-France Savoie) for Savoie and the N French Alps

Cold and snowy weather predicted for the weekend and beyond!

Saturday 21st: Lower temperatures. Snowfall starting before dawn and carrying on all day long, down to 600/800 m in the morning and 400 m in the afternoon. Possibly 15 to 30 cm of snow expected. Light residual snowfall overnight. 

Off Piste Snow Report : 14th - 18th February, 2015

Col des Fours avalanche, Val d Isere, 10 Feb, photo by Neil McNair


Extended Weather Forecast (as reported by Météo-France Savoie) for Savoie and the N French Alps

Snow for the weekend - hopefully 10-30 cm total depending where you are!

Off Piste Snow Report : 7th - 11th February, 2015

Great fun keeping it safe on shallow slope angles. Photo by Andreas Bjorkland, Alpine Experience


Off Piste Snow Report : 31st January - 4th February, 2015

Val d Isere before the storm 28 Jan - photo by Chris Souillac


Off Piste Snow Report : 24th - 28th January, 2015

A bit of fresh snow in Val. Photo today by Chris Souillac


Off Piste Snow Report : 17th - 21st January, 2015

Examining the snowpack layers during course this week.


Avalanche Foglietta North January 5th 2015 Ste Foy Tarentaise

Foglietta Avalanche 5th January 2015

We have created an educational video about this accident.  You can watch it here

 This was recorded on the North Face of the Foglietta near Ste Foy in the Tarentaise. The video is followed by an analysis and discussion led by Henry Schniewind and involving one of the members of the group who were caught by this avalanche.
This product is designed to highlight some critical lessons that can be drawn from a major avalanche accident. No-one was killed fortunately, but two people were buried and several were injured.
Click on read full article below
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