Ortovox transceiver training HAT
Transceiver training in Val d’Isere Wednesday’...

We would argue that it is a bit impolite to ski off-piste with friends, carry all the safety equipment, but have no training in how to use it. If you are wearing a transceiver, then that is a good start. If you are caught, your friends will be able to find you which is great. But you should be able to return the favour if they suffer an accident. Transceiver training Val d’Isere We are running transceiver training events in Val d’Isere […]... Read More

2016 01 15 Bjorklund 5 (1)
Recent avalanche activity after storm

A number of accidental avalanches have taken people for some impressive rides in the last few days in the Northern French Alps and surrounding areas.  They were all triggered by the victims. We believe all of the ‘victims’ are OK. Does anyone have evidence to counter that? Recent avalanche activity Here’s a photo that gives a good example of the recent avalanche activity (courtesy of Andreas Bjorklund of Alpine Experience .) These slabs are on ENE facing ... Read More

Shred Safe This Winter
HAT Talk with ‘Shred Safe’ Wednesday!

A new event and a new concept!  HAT is honoured to have just been asked to give a ‘Ride Hard, Ride Safe’, Essentials Talk with the new venture Shred Safe in Val d’Isère at 6pm this Wednesday, January 18th, in the Fall Line, Val d’Isère. In the words of one of the founders of Shred Safe, Kene Mountain Echo: This season a few veteran seasonaires in Val d’Isère have put together a non-profit venture called Shred Safe. The goal is to educate p... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 13 January
Off piste snow report and weather – Increased avalan...

A lot of snow, wind & increased avalanche risk! We’re expecting up to 50 cm of fresh snow over the next couple of days in the French N Alps. Clearly the snow dance worked! Off-piste snow report for 12 – 18 January Up to now, small amounts of recent fresh snow (5 cm here and there) have been helping improve the quality of off-piste skiing. There’s been some very nice light snow in sheltered spots and in gullies where it has been blown […]... Read More

Off piste checklist - quick reference guide
Off piste checklist and quick reference guide

Research has shown that checklists work to reduce risk.  This is very true for endeavours like off-piste skiing and the risk of avalanches, many accidents can be avoided if you use a framework that helps you to consistently pay attention to simple observable clues and information from the environment, as well as, people around you. The same is true in professions such as surgery and the military. Off piste checklist You can greatly reduce the chances of having an accident (... Read More