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Henry Schniewind, founder of Henry's Avalanche Talk (HAT), and off-piste ski guide, is an internationally renowned snow & avalanche expert, who studied avalanche forecasting as part of a geology degree in the US and then moved to the French Alps.  He has given over 1000 talks and courses in the last 25 years, including presenting at international snow science conferences.  He has published many papers and articles - often in the British press.
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk

Dangers of Mountain Lightning

Lightning. Photo by Anthony Grillon


Avalanche Avoidance for Summer Alpinists

View from Bellevarde in summer. Photo Louise F.


Summer avalanches do sometimes happen and there have, sadly, been a few reported in the last few weeks, as there are every year.

In our Archives, we found this report from Charlie Evans while he was preparing for a (successful) climbing trip in Kyrgyzstan.

Henry discusses current spring snow conditions & re-appearance of the weak layer

Recent avalanche towards the Face de Charvet, Wayne Watson photo


As the winter season in Northern French Alps draws to a close there's still plenty of good spring skiing to be found at high altitude. 

In this recent interview Henry discusses the end of season conditions and what to look out for, especially the reappearance of the weak layer in the snowpack.

See video

Ski the Smooth, Tips on Spring Skiing Off Piste

Smooth Spring Skiing


Here are some ideas about how to have fun and be safe on spring snow!


Understand 'melt-freeze cycles’ and have fun with spring snow!

Off Piste Snow Report : 4th - 8th April, 2015

High winds this past week in Le Fornet, Val d Isere. Wayne Watson photo,


Extended Weather Forecast (as reported by Météo-France Savoie) for Savoie and the N French Alps



Off Piste Snow Report : 28th March - 1st April, 2015

Great off-piste, all conditions in Espace Killy. Photo by Chris Souillac,


Off Piste Snow Report : 21st - 25th March, 2015

Still some lovely powder. Wayne Watson photo,


Off Piste Snow Report : 14th - 18th March, 2015

Andreas Alpine Experience group stepping in. Wayne Watson photo.


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