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One day Avalanche Awareness course

One day Avalanche Awareness with ORTOVOX Safety Academy & HAT When you go off-piste, it is essential to have the right safety equipment and that you really know how to use it. In this course we’re running in association with ORTOVOX Safety Academy, you will learn about the essentials of staying safe when you go off-piste. We will teach you the basics of modern risk management. This includes some knowledge about snow and avalanches, the proper handling of safety equi... Read More

Ortovox avalanche awareness tour
Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour is back

Skiing off piste can be no more risky than driving your car on the road (and is a lot more fun) if you get the right training Henry Schniewind and the HAT team are back in the UK this Autumn to deliver the Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour at venues across the UK from Fort William to Sandbanks and many cities in between including London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol. The events kick off on 16th October and run through to 30th January […]... Read More

Ortovox ABS bag
Avalanche airbags on Airplanes

Taking your avalanche airbag system onto an airline is becoming a lot less problematic than it used to be. However, it’s still not entirely hassle-free. We do still sometimes come across people who’ve had difficulties getting these things through the airport check-in, or have had their gas canisters confiscated or discharged. Here are some tips, which may help if you’re intending to fly with an avalanche airbag system. E-mail your airline carrier at least 2 weeks be... Read More

ORTOVOX Ascent Avabag backpack (1)

Super lightweight! Looks like this ‘Avabag’ backpack could well be worth looking into for the winter season ahead. The new ultra-light ORTOVOX ASCENT backpack range was originally designed for ski mountaineering. Super lightweight by reducing its design down to the essentials of safety and comfort. It can either be used as a backpack on its own or combined with the new removeable AVABAG avalanche airbag system inside, currently the lightest and smallest avalanche... Read More

Henry Schniewind Off pIste
The ski helmet debate: Prevention should precede Protectio...

As skiers, more and more of us are wearing helmets nowadays, particularly for use on the piste. But how about when we venture off-piste?  After discussion with Henry, here’s where he and the HAT team stand on the subject…. There are certain situations when we would definitely wear a ski helmet, such as when we’re spending the day on the piste (groomed, patrolled runs). In recent years we’ve all noticed people skiing faster and faster, often bordering on ... Read More