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HAT Essentials Talk Summary

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What is "going a little bit" off-piste. Is it safe?

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A little bit of off-piste

Skiers and boarders know there is a risk from avalanches if they go off piste.  For many this means they will only go off piste with a guide and will not venture into the backcountry without professional help. And if you have no training and do not have a lot of experience of going off-piste, this is a very wise precaution.  On the other hand many people go and do "a little bit of off-piste".  It is commonly thought that nipping off the side of the piste is just fine.

In-Resort Programmes & Prices. Winter Season 2014/15

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Henry Schniewind, founder of Henry's Avalanche Talk (HAT), and off-piste ski guide, is an internationally renowned snow & avalanche expert, who studied avalanche forecasting as part of a geology degree in the US and then moved to the French Alps.  He has given over 750 talks and courses in the last 20 years, including presenting at international snow science conferences.  He has published many papers and articles - often in the British press.
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk
off piste avalanche Henry's Avalanche Talk

A story from Alastair Jenkin

I first attended your talks in Val D'Isere 2002/2003 season when you did them at Dicks. After a very ignorant start of season skiing off-piste without any precautions, I listened, purchased safety equipment and did the beeper training. I certainly wasn't going to stop skiing off-piste. This year it paid dividends.

Ortovox 'Ride Hard Ride Safe!' UK Tour Dates

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Ride hard, Ride safe this season from Ortovox


FABRICE VILLARET: A great person and a great professional


He leaves a deep void in the community. Emptiness and sadness... best described by those who knew Fabrice best - on this post click here.
My heart goes out to his friends and to his family.
My sincerest condolences to all of you,

Risk Management - Munter 3x3 Risk Reduction

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For those of you gearing up for off piste sking this season in the Southern Hemisphere, those of you who have finished the winter season and reflecting on ways to continue to have fun and be safe off-piste and touring..

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