Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour UK
ORTOVOX Avalanche Awareness Tour Update

Our UK Ortovox avalanche awareness tour events are in full swing with sold-out avalanche talks this week in Covent Garden, London! Come along to one of these events to brush up your off-piste skills pre-season: All info and tickets here.  Thanks to everyone for the great questions last week at our talks in Chester and Manchester. Really enjoying our transceiver events too, with a great transceiver training session with Susie in Sale last weekend. Susie and Chris will ... Read More

HAT Essentials Talk Summary
Essentials Talk Quick Summary

Overview of Ride Hard ! Ride Safe The Essentials It depends on you …but you can still have a great time AND be safe off-piste. See how on our brief overview and new on-line talk below: You can watch the first 20 minutes of The Essentials talk in the video clip below for FREE.  If you then want to watch the whole Essentials Talk see RIDE HARD ! RIDE SAFE – THE ESSENTIALS  (Part 1 is free and parts 2, 3 and 4 cost […]... Read More

Henry Schniewind Off pIste
Henry’s 10 Top Tips to stay safe off piste

    Henry has written down and just published his top tips.  10 most important things to consider when entering the backcountry, or being on the mountain, from a safety perspective?  So I thought where better to share this than on www.henrysavalanchetalk.com KNOW the danger rating definitions for the 5 international avalanche danger levels. READ the official avalanche forecast bulletin for your area/region the evening before you head out . Go with PEOPLE w... Read More

probing for avalanche victim
What is “going a little bit” off-piste. Is it ...

A little bit of off-piste Skiers and boarders know there is a risk from avalanches if they go off-piste.  For many this means they will only go off piste with a guide and will not venture into the backcountry without professional help. And if you have no training and do not have a lot of experience of going off-piste, this is a very wise precaution.  On the other hand many people go and do “a little bit of off-piste”.  It is commonly […]... Read More

off piste powder hat ski group
Is skiing off piste as safe as driving a car?

The hypothesis At HAT we often make the statement that going off piste is no more dangerous than driving your car on the road. That is provided you have the right training and experience. We know off piste is more fun than driving.  Is it safer? This article examines this assertion with some statistics. Driving a car is more dangerous than we think it is. There are 1,732 fatalities per year in the UK, 3,260 road traffic deaths in France and a […]... Read More